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    Police Arrest Another Suspect In The Murder Of Rapper Haarlem Star

    Rappers come and go everyday. Though, the overwhelming presence of gun and gang violence has led to a huge loss for the rap community. Too many rap stars have lost their lives to senseless murders. Earlier this year, Kamir King aka Haarlem Star’s life was taken away after four gunmen open fired on him inside of a Midtown Manhattan recording studio. Fortunately, the police have captured three of the gunmen. This week, authorities arrested the fourth suspect involved in Star’s murder.

    The Details Surrounding Haarlem Star’s Wrongful Murder

    Kamir King
    via NY Daily

    On May 5th of this year, a group of four armed men entered a Midtown Manhattan recording studio on W. 37th street near Ninth Avenue at midnight. According to police reports, Star and the four gunmen engaged in a heated dispute that quickly turned violent. Furthermore,  surveillance video footage showed the men open firing before sprinting away from the building.

    Unfortunately, both King and Dillahunt succumbed to their injuries and passed away. However, “officials remain unclear as to who shot whom and the gunmens’ motives. The investigation is still ongoing.
    Police found drugs, stolen cash, shell casings, and a .22-caliber handgun at the crime scene. The rap community grieves another tragic loss.

    Police Close In On Another Murderer

    kamir king
    via ABC7

    In recent weeks, police have managed to arrest most of Star’s murders; Justin Rodriguez, Kabal Reyes and Daniel Williams. Authorities have now closed in on another murder suspect by the name of Tashawn Sullivan.

    Furthermore, police arrested the New Jersey man on Thursday for open firing on Haarlem Star at the New York studio. Police have charged the 26-year-old with murder for what has been described as a “strange double homicide.” Additionally, the other three gunmen have been charged with murder. Hopefully, the murderers are met with a swift punishment for their crime.


    1. This Article does not contain the correct facts. Devon Dillahunt was no friend to Kamir King. He was a friend to the other assailants. Don’t disrespect my brother by writing false information. Kamir was not Devon’s friend. They did not know each other at all. There are several mistakes in this article. You can Holla at me if there is an issue [email protected]. Peace

    2. Unfortunately, this article is full of incorrect information. I pray that whomever wrote this article become a better journalist and make sure the information in which they are putting out is factual. There are so many errors and misinformation in this article that they should take it down, research, re-write and repost. FYI Devon Dillahunt was No Friend of Kamir King’s, in-fact he was with the suspects. Best Regards.

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