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    Pittsburgh’s Connie Roses Engages In Lyrical Warfare On “Magnets”

    This world would be bleak and emotionless without energy. Even though you can’t physically see it, you can sense it. This is why people say you have to be the energy that you want to attract. Alternative hip-hop artist Connie Roses captured the essence of that sentiment in his newest single.

    Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Connie Roses’ name has been buzzing in the underground scene for some time now. Refusing to be boxed in just one genre, his versatile sound gives him the flexibility to spread his wings. So I wasn’t surprised one bit by the creative route he took on his newly released single, “Magnet”.

    Produced by Tosh Punker, his mellow, dance-music-inspired production opens the doors for Connie to do his thing. I have to admit; this isn’t normally the type of rap that I typically enjoy. But these two creatives just mesh so well on this song. They are truly a deadly combination.

    Lyrically, Connie brought a substantial amount of intensity that you just don’t see often. He’s rapping so hard, like his life depends on it. All jokes aside, he really shows that he has excellent breathing control while rapping. His flow is never interrupted from start to finish.

    If you happen to enjoy bars that are coming from a skilled yet technical rapper, this song is for you. It pushed me to explore unfamiliar territory and embrace a fresh sensation. Be sure to follow Connie Roses on Instagram to see what he has in store for the new year.


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