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    Philly’s KBFR Keeps It Cool Under Pressure On “Winter Time 2”

    I’ll be honest; the concept of artist development is pretty much dead these days. I only say that because I am sick and tired of seeing artists who are obviously not ready for the spotlight. Nowadays, an artist will blow up faster than expected and fumble their opportunity. One artist that I could tell was destined to do great things regardless was Philadelphia’s KBFR.

    Cooler Than Ice

    It’s something about his stoic demeanor and cooler-than-ice personality that intrigues me. He’s confident in his rapping ability and brings that same swagger to every track. He’s exactly what I’m referring to when I bring up artist development. KBFR has grown so much since his 2020 breakout hit “Hood Baby” and continued to make strides in his career.

    Can’t Be Phased

    For that reason, I have to acknowledge his newest release, Winter Time 2. One thing you’ll notice is that KBFR is never phased, regardless of what kind of instrumental he hops on. He’s able to be his calm and collected self over a sentimental instrumental on “6 Ways”. Yet he can turn up the heat on a Jersey-influenced track like “Throw It Back”. There seems to not be anything he can’t do when it comes to expanding his sound.

    Besides his confidence, the one thing I admire the most about his artistry is his steady flow. KBFR truly moves at raps at his own comfortable pace. He never lets the beat dictate his intensity level. As I previously stated, these results are a product of great artist development.

    I am thankful that I got around to checking this project. This project truly makes this a December to remember.


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