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    Philadelphia 76ers Guard Seth Curry Ranks 88th Best Player In NBA

    The Philadelphia 76ers guard Seth Curry ranks 88th best player in the NBA, per ESPN As the 2021 NBA season approaches rapidly and training camp is one week away. Many different top 100 lists are surfacing as they do before the season of every year. The 76ers have immense talent on that roster. They are currently led by the All-NBA duo, Joel Embiid, and Ben Simmons.

    Although their leaders are recognized as some of the best players in their league this doesn’t take away from their supporting cast that arguably make their roster one of the best in the NBA.

    Tons of NBA teams have superstars on their team but the difference is the role players and bench that complement these superstars. The teams with the most well-rounded bench and superstars tend to be the most successful in the NBA.

    Curry is pivotal to the 76ers offense because his efficient scoring and threat outside allow teams to limit help on Embiid. The sharpshooter had career highs shooting 45% from deep. Not to mention, he averaged 13 points and 3 assists this year.

    Seth Curry’s importance to the 76ers

    The numbers displayed by Curry were solid for the third-fourth option on a talented team. He proceeded to elevate his game even further in the playoffs. He recorded 51% shooting from deep and shot a true shooting of 73% throughout the entire playoffs. Curry even put the ball on the floor much more often than he has throughout his career which means his confidence has risen. This can only mean amazing things for the 76ers best shooter becoming an all-around threat offensively. This can open up plays and opportunities for him that he was not privy to prior on his other teams.

    The previous season Curry was ranked 91st overall on the 2020 NBA’s top 100 players. Although, the list doesn’t show he’s made tremendous leaps in his game this shouldn’t distract attention from how important Curry is and the value he brings to the 76ers.

    “Coming here, I think that’s where his game has expanded the most,” head coach of the 76ers Doc Rivers said . “I think we already knew he could shoot the ball. But what we didn’t know was how well of a playmaker he could be. And he’s been that for us.”

    Philadelphia 76ers bigger role for Curry going forward

    As the feud builds between the 76ers and Simmons, it is likely to assume with the departure of Simmons will naturally mean an uptick in minutes for the veteran guard Curry. Curry will likely assume more responsibility on the 76ers and more opportunities.

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