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    Parris Ladame “Hang Up” Goes Viral on The Internet

    Parris Ladame Indianapolis’ native (Issa Rae Green Light’s Parris Ladame’s “Hang Up”) released her well-received single “Hang Up” at the top of this year.

    As the popularity of the song continued to grow a music video was sure to follow. Beginning at the studio and closing with tons of fan love, the music video has a handful of different scenes. It’s a fun clip and fairly colorful, packed with a lot of energy.

    The record has had countless people on social media recording themselves singing and/or dancing to the song – appropriately titled the #HangUpChallenge. A few of those videos went viral including one of her very own, which was not only seen but also shared by HBO‘s Insecure creator, Issa Rae.

    Watch the small screen interpretation of the Fresh Duzit-produced track below.


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