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    NY’s Fivio Foreign Goes Off On Him For Asian Doll Lap Dance

    When a woman’s fed up, it’s not much that you can do to change that. NY rapper Fivio Foreign can relate because he’s in the doghouse for his recent actions. His girlfriend made sure to let the world know she was not happy with him for having too much fun “dancing” with Asian Doll.

    Dirty Dancing

    Fivio might’ve taken things overboard while “dancing” very closely with Asian Doll. I loosely use the term “dancing” because it can be mistaken for something else of how sexual and provocative it was. It looked more like humping than actual dancing. It easily could’ve been mistaken for a lap dance.

    I think I speak for everyone when I say that an Asian Doll lap dance is not worth losing my significant other. Fivio knows this, and this is why he tried to downplay it on Twitter after his girlfriend’s outburst. His excuse was that everyone was overreacting to him, dancing with a friend. If you see the video he’s referring to, then you’ll see how wild this statement is. Deciding to gaslight the whole internet by playing the victim is so hilarious to me.

    Choose Better Partners

    The sad part of it all is that it’s a high chance that his girlfriend will most stay with him. Some women love money, fame, and status more than themselves and don’t mind sticking beside an unfaithful partner.

    If that’s the decision, she chooses to make cool. Just don’t come crying to the Internet after the fact.


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