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    National Emergency My Ass!!! Trump’s Plan Canceled Bitch!

    We all saw this incompetent move coming from a mile away.

    Mr. 45 is sliding on some thin ice at the moment. The so-called leader of the free world has done nothing but cause chaos since his term in office. Trump continues to prove that he’s nothing more than a manipulative liar only looking out for his best interest. Now more than ever people are speaking out against what the President is trying to accomplish.

    National Emergency?

    Just recently Trump declared a national emergency concerning the southern border. Despite initiating the process, Donald clearly knew that he would be met with challenge via legal issues. The American Civil Liberties Union made an announcement that they plan to take action against the President. During an official announcement, Trump tried to emphasize the current danger that the Country is in.

    “current situation at the southern border presents a border security and humanitarian crisis that threatens core national security interests and constitutes a national emergency”

    The House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and members of the Democratic state attorney general predicted that Trump’s decision would end up in court. Just last month the Country was in a financial crisis as the President decided to shut down the government. The nation’s leader decided to throw a temper tantrum after being denied proper funds to build the wall. During that time, Government workers faced tough times feeding their families and remaining stable. It seems as though Trump ain’t fucking around, and shut down part 2 is looming.

    Overall Mr. Trump is looking to use $8 billion to build the wall that will keep foreigners out of the Country. At this point, it is evident that Trump’s endless fuck ups will start World War 3. It has even gotten to the point where celebrities are speaking out against Trump. Artist Cardi B had a State Of Union Message that basically said “Fuck Trump Racist Ass”.The time is now to get this prick out of office before he does any more harm to the Economy.

    Will the national emergency allow him to build the wall? How much longer until the impeachment happen? Leave your comments below, be sure to stay tuned to

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