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    Naruto’s Son is Kicking Things up a Notch

    Boruto Uzumaki, the son of the seventh Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki, is about to get the respect that he deserves.

    The next arc of Boruto is one that all manga fans are excited about. After a long wait of useless fillers and story arcs that no one care for. We are finally getting to the good stuff.

    Heres what’s coming next in Boruto!

    The next arc of Boruto will feature the Mujina Bandits. If you read the manga, then you know the Mujina Bandits arc is one step closer to introducing Kawaki.

    Narutos Son is Kicking-1(picture of Boruto & Kawaki from Boruto)

    The guy that Boruto was facing at the beginning of the series, where we see him as a teenager. In this arc, Boruto is ordered to be the bodyguard to the heir of the land fire (the land that the leaf village is in), Tento. During Boruto’s bodyguard duty. Tento was taken by the bandits and their leader, Shojoji, so it’s up to Boruto to get him back safely.

    Narutos Son is Kicking-1

    (Picture of Shojoji fighting Boruto from the animated series: Boruto)

    Importance of this chapter for the anime series.

    Narutos Son is Kicking-4
    (Boruto Bandit arc Promo picture)

    Not only is this chapter apart of both the manga and the animated series. It also set up some major moments in the series. First, Mitsuki reveals that his parent is Orochimaru. Second, we finally hear about Kara. Kara is the Akatsuki group of Boruto, but they are way better and tougher villains. Kara is a group of ninja who is the perfect mix of human and ninja tools, who has skills that are on par or surpass Naruto and Sasuke.


    (picture of KARA from Boruto) 

    Now that Boruto, the animated series is getting closer to the manga. People who only watch the animated series will finally see why Boruto has the potential to become a better show and better ninja then Naruto.

    If you’re excited for this next arc or the future of Boruto comment below and lets us know and make sure to check out our other articles on the anime world.

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