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    Young Thug’s Periwinkle Dress Is Playable On Soul Caliber 6

    The periwinkle colored dress on Young Thug’s album cover has been playable on Soul Caliber 6, and it’s pretty cool!

    Young Thug doesn’t back down,  in the wake of the controversy surrounding his new No, My Name is Jeffery project. After all, he had a lot of people saying that his dress was unprofessional. Despite the backlash, he said that he isn’t going to stop wearing what he wants because it makes him happy.

    This dress is has been iconic. The fashion world and hiphop culture may not know what to do with the artist but does he cares. Highly unlikely! Young Thug’s dress has made its impact on pop culture and other niches like anime and video games. I mean it only makes sense if you pay attention to the way its styled–its giving Naruto.


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