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    Miley Cyrus Stalker Planned on Killing Her in Vegas

    Sometimes it does NOT pay to be a celebrity, because with fame comes attention from the mentally insane.

    Miley Cyrus knows all too well what it’s like to have a mentally insane stalker track you down since she’s experiencing it now.

    TMZ reports that Miley Cyrus has a stalker, and his name is David Rumsey. Apparently, Rumsey has been stalking Miley for weeks now. She and her team first became aware of his unusual activity after some suspicious tweets surfaced.

    Take a look below.

    “I feel a party will be having everyone try to talk to me and trying to talk to you might be harder. I know after we are together we can party it up with 2pac, biggie, Prince, Michael Jackson and all those we lost. So any party you might have planned will be more of a pre-party.”

    Here’s another crazy tweet her stalker sent out. In this one, he alleges that he and Miley can change the world together.

    “I will let you come on your own time but I keep hearing about friends family members die or shootings that I know we can stop after we meet. I won’t have all the answers right away because I just expect to see what’s coming. You know probably more then me from your dreams. Love u.”

    As it turns out, Rumsey wants to impregnate Miley and planned on tracking her down at a Las Vegas performance. However, Miley’s bodyguards found him before he could find her.

    He was taken into custody and is currently sitting in Clark County Jail.

    Good news for Miley…

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