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    Man Handcuffed After Trying to Cash HIS OWN Check

    What a damn shame! Three weeks after working his new job, Paul McCowns went to the Huntington bank in Brooklyn to cash his first check.

    The teller asked him for two forms of ID and a fingerprint, which is standard bank policy. However, shit rolled downhill when employees began questioning the check’s legitimacy.

    “They tried to call my employer numerous times. He never picked up the phone,” McCowns said.

    According to Cleveland19, the paycheck was for a little more than $1,000. The tellers suspected him of fraud, so they told him he couldn’t cash it.

    The bank called 911 as he left the bank. By the time he got to his truck, police pulled up in front of him and told him to get out. Once he did, they handcuffed him and put him in the back of a squad car.

    Thankfully his employer answered the phone.

    “My employer said, ‘Yes he works for me. He just started and yes, my payroll company does pay him that much.’”

    A representative for the bank claimed that they’ve had 11 cases of fraud over the last several months. Still, Huntington released a public to McCowns, stating that they accept responsibility for the incident. Paul did not return their calls.

    What do you think? Is the bank’s apology sincere or are they just saving face?

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