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    Mama June Flies Into a Fit of Rage After Staged Intervention

    Mama June isn’t exactly raising the bar of what it is to be an exemplary mother.

    In fact, she’s been a beacon of disappointment to her family as of lately. In a clip from “Mama June: From Not to Hot,” the family sits June down for a staged intervention. However, it doesn’t exactly go as they would have wished. In a clip obtained by TMZ, June is seen being confronted by various members of her family.

    As you may have heard, June’s found herself in quite a bit of trouble recently. She was recently picked up by authorities for the possession of crack cocaine with her boyfriend, Geno Doak. The incident occurred in March of this year. The struggling mom has apparently messed things up so much that her daughter, Honey Boo Boo, has had to move in with an older sister.

    In the clip, which airs soon, you can see Honey Boo Boo pleading with June to get her act together. Unfortunately, though, her tears don’t help much. Mama June leaves the intervention early and is in such a rage that she falls out on the pavement.

    June’s family partially blames her bad behavior on her Doak, who they insisted she stay away from. However, June and Doak are still inseparable and have apparently been frequenting a casino together.

    Thoughts? What are your feelings after reading this story? Do you think Mama June will get her life together, if not for her, but for the sake of her family? Tell us what you think, using the comment section.

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