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    Lil Xan Hospitalized After Pandemic Panic Attack

    Lil Xan Was Rushed to the hospital this weekend due to a coronavirus-induced panic attack.

    Rapper Lil Xan had to be hospitalized on Sunday after suffering a panic attack in Corona, Ca, of all places. Xan was quarantining at his mother’s house when he started hallucinating so bad she decided to call paramedics.

    Like most other American states, California has a mandatory stay-home order. For people with anxiety problems, such an order is not the best thing to help them cope. Lil Xan has admittedly struggled with anxiety and drug abuse for years. While the rapper doesn’t recall this latest episode, doctors told him he suffered a panic attack.

    Xan told TMZ that the attack resulted from being stuck in the house during this coronavirus pandemic. Furthermore, the rapper is not allowed to work during this time and needs more money. As the primary breadwinner in his family, the stress of providing and the lack of access to a vehicle of expression just took its toll.

    The Betrayed rapper took to Instagram Monday to share an encouraging message with his fans.

    Lil Xan, being hospitalized, is sad because mental illnesses are no joke. However, on a positive note, it’s good that the rapper was able to get help before it was too late. The combination of so much free time, past drug addiction problems, and being a celebrity with access to almost everything can be a horrible combination. Just last week, Philly Model/Rapper Chynna passed away from an apparent drug overdose at the tender age of 25. While this quarantine has been suitable for some people, for people with anxiety, or depression issues, and prior drug addiction problems, this may be the most challenging time of their lives. So check on your friends who have had or have these issues, because truthfully they probably aren’t ok.

    Let us know your thoughts about Lil Xan being hospitalized in the comments.

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