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    Lil Xan Blames His Manager For Supplying Him Drugs

    Some people excel at taking responsibility for their actions, while others need some work. Rapper Lil Xan recently blamed his manager for fueling his drug addiction. The rapper himself had gone sober and even tried to get clean. Though, his manager seemingly didn’t get with Lil Xan’s attempt at a new way of life. Despite his claims, fans however, don’t believes Lil Xan’s wife deserves all the blame. In fact, many of them have demanded that the rapper take responsibility for his drug problems.

    Lil Xan Blames His Manager Stat Quo For Fueling His Drug Addiction

    Lil Xan blames manager
    via HipHopDX

    Furthermore, Lil Xan accused his former manager Stat Quo of fueling his drug addiction. Lil Xan detailed that his former manager would call up his plugs and spend thousands of dollars to ship drugs to the rapper. Making matters worse, his former manager had done so right when his addiction got the best of him. Lil Xan blames Stat Qou so much so that he plans to file a lawsuit. Apparently, there’s some hard feelings between the rapper and his former manager.

    The Fans Tell Lil Xan Take Responsibility For His Own Faults

    Lil Xan blames his manager
    via PopBuzz

    Part of adulthood, means accepting our own faults and problem solving our selves. Unfortunately, Lil Xan hasn’t really caught on to that life lesson yet. The fans were quick to remind the rapper that he needed to take responsibility for his drug addiction. Not to mention, he was responsible for his own recovery. According to Lil Xan, he’d been sober and planned to get clean as soon as possible. Now, the fans have deemed the rap star a “snitch”, which seems harsh. Even his fellow peers, like Royce Da 5’9” have jokingly called him “the first male-Karen.” At this point, Lil Xan can only blame himself for his drug addiction.


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