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    Lil Durk Gets His Eye Blasted During Live Concert

    When it comes to musicians and their stage props, there’s several hazards to consider. After Michael Jackson’s infamous face injury that resulted from a prop being set on fire, we’d think there’d be better safety guidelines put in place. However, not much has changed since then.

    Lil Durk Injury

    This past weekend, Lil Durk injured himself during his performance at Chicago’s 2022 Lollapalooza in Grant Park. Unfortunately, an explosion occurred onstage that nearly blasted off his eye!

    A Fake Cannon Blasted His Eye Off

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    Lil Durk has been on a whirlwind of a year, both good and bad. One week, he’s rapping alongside superstar Cardi B on her “Hot Shit” track and the next he’s feuding with Kanye West on social media! The guy just cannot win. Unfortunately, things have seemingly taken a turn for the worst after Lil Durk’s injury during a recent performance at the 2022 Lollapalooza in Chicago. A fan posted footage of the artist walking across the stage and getting struck in the face by what sources call an explosive pyrotechnic cannon.

    Making matters worse, the explosion nearly blasted off his eye. There’s no word yet on what led to the explosion. Arguably, the star should’ve just opted out of having the prop on stage altogether. If Michael Jackson’s accident has taught us anything, it’s that fire and performers don’t mix well!

    Furthermore, the Chicago rapper wiped his face with his shirt. His team rushed over to help him, but like a trooper Lil Durk continued with his performance. Lil Durk deserves mad props for finishing his performance after that injury.

    He Plans To Take Time Off After Incident

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    It’s clear the rapper has drive and determination to succeed. Though, he reminded fans that he’s not invincible. On Sunday, the “Huuh” rapper told his adoring fans via Instagram that he’s taking some much needed time off due to the incident that nearly left him blind.

    “I’ma take a break and focus on my health,” the rapper wrote in the captions.

    Furthermore, the rapper posted a photo of himself with his left eye covered in medical gauze pads and bandages. The rapper has an upcoming performance scheduled in Boston this month and a tour on the way. Hopefully, the star makes a speedy recovery in the end!

    What are your thoughts on Lil Durk’s injury? How can artists avoid these unfortunate kinds of events? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

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