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    Lecrae’s Says His Songs Come From His Own Personal Dairy

    While rap music will never go out of style, most tracks do sound very similar to each other. It’s refreshing when an artist like Lecrae has something new to offer audiences. The Houston-based rapper speaks from personal experience rather than about materialistic things. Furthermore, Lecrae focuses more on his blessings than how many sports cars he has parked in his garage. While he shies away from the title “Christian Rapper” he’s certainly a rapper with a dedication to God’s word. Every verse he raps, sounds like a recording from his own personal dairy.

                Lecrae Raps From His Own Personal Dairy

    personal dairy
    via American Songwriter

    After listening to Houston-rapper Lecrae, audiences will feel as though they’ve read the emcee’s personal dairy. The 41-year-old tells his story through every verse. His songs contain tons of meaning that it’s hard not to want to listen. Much of that wisdom and experience stems from his rough childhood, where he was the victim of sexual abuse and neglect.

    In his youth, the rapper led a life of crime, violence and drugs. Once hitting rock bottom, though, the rapper decided to turn his life around. He turned to God for guidance and eventually found his way back to salvation. While the now 41-year-old resembles a completely different person than before, he still very much struggles in life. Fortunately, he puts all his life hardships in a song. Those songs alone have touched millions of audiences everywhere, reason being why Lecrae has went on to become a Grammy-winning rap star.

    Thus far, Lecrae has six albums, two mixtapes and five projects with his rap group he leads, 116 Clique under his belt. Not to mention, the star works as a spiritual advisor at a local church with his wife. The rapper certainly is a one-of-a-kind rapper.

          Lecrae Considers Himself A Leader Who’s Available

    personal dairy
    via Variety

    By Lecrae being a different kind of rap star, he usually beats to his own drum. During an interview with HipHopDX, the star shared what leadership means to him. The 41-year-old has idolized many people throughout his life, some good and others bad. Fortunately, he found his mentor, a pastor who offers his wisdom when needed. Similar to his Pastor, Lecrae considered himself the type of leader who makes himself “available.”

    More importantly, Lecrae notes that a leader leads by example and not just by barking orders. “He doesn’t have to tell people what to do. He inspires them to do it right alongside him,” Lecrae told the publication. The Grammy award-winning rapper certainly leads by example. He’s inspired thousands of fans with his personal stories weaved into rap music. The rapper’s own personal dairy seeps right in his song.

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