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    Lana Del Rey Reveals Tour Manager’s Shocking Quit Before Coachella

    Lana Del Rey Reveals Tour Manager’s Shocking Quit Before Coachella

    Lana Del Rey faced an unexpected trouble right before her 2024 Coachella show. Her tour manager, Pete, “suddenly went AWOL” on her. The incident became cloaked in mystery and full of rumors. Nevertheless, Lana and her crew managed well. She gave a wonderful performance and the show was a success.

    Lana was shocked by Pete’s 15-year tenure with her. She took to Instagram to share. It said that she was at a loss for words. Her bae left “for no–damn–reason,” she added. Lana even mentioned that Pete “didn’t even give her a call” to explain his departure. Lana also informed Wally that bae was sick of it. She thanked Pete for his long time in her company. Lana added that she was sorry he had to suddenly leave. She finished with a sarcastic injury message. If Pete calls it quits again for the rest of the year, he may shoot me an email.

    Lana did not have musk time. Despite regretting the timing, they had to get her Coachella show well even without Pete around. To step in right after Pete and assume management, Emily did an excellent job. In the aftermath, Lana publicly thanked Emily for displaying what she referred to as ” grace under pressure .” Certainly, it was not an easy role to play.

    In any case, Lana’s concert, despite all the commotion and excitement, turned out to be awesome. She rode a bike and murdered exquisitely from the get-go. This song is genuinely one of my top choices, and I adored that she unexpectedly coordinated with Jon Batiste and Billie Eilish. But she “had her own problems” : Lana Del Rey experienced laryngitis and had almost no voice right up to the start. miraculously disappeared at the last moment.

    Pete’s act of leaving illustrates the grind of the music business, even for superstars as Lana Del Rey. She defended herself using a story on Instagram , but the reality that Pete did not tell his perspective was a concern he abandoned.

    However, Lana’s strong will and her team’s hard work helped her put on a sensational show at the Coachella. To sum it all up, Lana Del Rey has a long history of captivating audiences around the world.

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