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    King$oto delivers his debut single, “Comeback”

    King$oto took the industry by storm after releasing his debut single, “Comeback,” which featured a love vibe and fast flow. 

    With this song, he gained over 100,000 streams on Spotify alone and millions on Soundcloud. After releasing this hit, he began preparing others as he now had a considerable fan base craving more music. Being verified on TikTok and having 50,000 followers on Instagram alone isn’t why he does it, but for the fans and their feelings. 

    King$oto puts his all into each song. He realized that when he puts true feelings and emotions into his music that the new audience that listens can also relate. However, he feels that real life is what he records, and it allows the audience to connect with and know the real King$oto. Only a few artists can do this, which is why he’s taking the industry seriously and making his image known.

    Stream King$oto’s “Comeback” on Spotify.

    Connect with King$oto: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

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