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    Kim Kardashian Is The Dream Girl Everyone Wants A Piece Of

    Let’s face it, America can care less about your personality. It’s all about appearance and assets when it comes to the perfect dream girl. That perfect dream girl in most scenarios is none other than that of Kim Kardashian.

    The 38-year-old entrepreneur has managed to build her brand despite how she was introduced to the world. Before the Ray J sex tape, Kim Kardashian was nowhere near relevant in American culture. After the tape spread through platforms like wildfire, we finally were able to piece the puzzle together regarding the Kardashian family. Since then tons of things have changed, figuratively and physically. Overall, Kim Kardashian is that dreamgirl we all wish for.

    Kim Kardashian Dream Girl

    Kim is not only known for her fashion but also the stellar body that she has. Mrs. West surely is able to compliment Mr. West as eye candy anywhere that he goes. Her thick hips, full breast, and tiny waist are sure to grab the attention of plenty. On top of the physical features, she has made plenty of money through her own personal skin care line.

    Earlier this year it was announced that Kim wanted to study to become an attorney. Over the last year, the reality tv star has been making a massive influence in the world of law. She recently has taken an initiative to help get inmates released early from their full sentence. She even met with the President of The United States to make positive change.

    Despite all that she does, she is still a loving wife and mother. Just last week, The West couple welcomed their fourth child via surrogate. As they always do in dramatic fashion, the couple announced to the world that the newest edition would be named Psalm West. At the moment many people believe that this is just a scheme, as Kanye announced that he wants to become an ordained minister. We’re not sure what’s going on, but hopefully, the iconic rapper comes to his senses.

    Any way that you put it, it’s evident that Kim is one of the most sought after women to walk the soil. Yeezy is one lucky person for sure.

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