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    Key Glock Releases New Mixtape – Son Of A Gun

    The Endlessly-Quotable Memphis Rapper Follows Up January’s Yellow Tape With Another Fully-Realized Effort

    Key Glock

    Memphis rapper Key Glock is back with another impressive project, following up January’s Yellow Tape with his latest mixtape, Son Of A Gun. Known for his hard-hitting punchlines, Key Glock showcases his lyrical prowess and undeniable charisma across the tape’s 15 tracks. Son Of A Gun features the seamless collaboration between Key Glock and producer Bandplay, who provides captivating soundscapes for the Memphis native to conquer.

    Maintaining his tradition of solo tracks, Key Glock dominates the project without any features. Standout moments include the moody and versatile “Come Thru,” the infectious “Money Talk” with its Spanish guitar-infused production, and the revealing “Rich Blessed N Savage,” where Glock confidently asserts his self-made success. Son Of A Gun is the follow-up to the successful Yellow Tape, which peaked at #14 on the Billboard 200 and garnered millions of streams since its release.

    With singles like the impactful “Look At They Face,” the smooth “Mr. Glock,” and the dark “I’m Just Sayin'”, Yellow Tape solidified Key Glock’s presence in the music industry. He continues to make waves with interviews from Esquire, Fuse, and Noisey, and a nomination for XXL’s Freshman 10th Spot. Key Glock is poised to make 2020 his biggest year yet.

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