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    Kash Doll Keeps Trolling Kevin Durant

    Kash Doll Is Another Relevant KD

    Kash Doll made her acting debut after she was casted on 50 Cent’s Black Mafia Family. She is honored to be in the midst of several notable stars. Although Kash Doll is working hard, she has time for some comedic jabs. Clearly, 50’s trolling is rubbing off on her.

    Kash Doll wants the world to know that Kevin Durant isn’t the only KD out there. The NBA star quickly made it clear that Kash Doll isn’t the only KD in the game.

    “Using those initials wasn’t necessary to make this tweet… Just take it easy with the KD talk, remember your name is KashDoll,” Durant responded.

    She Steps Up Her Petty

    The ongoing debate took a major turn when Kash Doll revealed that she pranked Durant into thinking that his fans attacked her. She elaborated that she was on set for BMF’s filming with her makeup on. Her makeup for the day included a black eye and a bloody nose.

    “I FaceTimed Kevin Durant last night while I had makeup on, making it look like I had a black eye and bloody nose, and told him his fans did that to me because of our KD argument. His reaction was priceless! He was genuinely concerned until I started laughing, and then he hung up.”

    The Rapper Drags The Jokes on

    Here are the series of tweets displaying the joy she got out of the exchange. She continued to poke fun and included his final response.

    “I gotta grow up!”

    He said that’s yo problem you play too much 😂”

    “Funny part about it 50 was right there we was on set 😂”

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