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    Kanye West’s Signed “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” Up for Auction (Limited Edition)

    It turns out that it is a vinyl LP of Kanye West’s album, ”My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” and is now up for auction. But this isn’t just any vinyl; it is signed by the guy, now legally Ye, with “FCK ADIDAS” written on it. This piece of hip-hop memorabilia was signed by Ye during a visit to Paris in February 2024. The signing happened amid a public fight with Adidas. As a show of solidarity, fans assembled and started chanting slogans such as “Fck Adidas” around the vehicle.

    The owner of the signed LP, who wants to remain anonymous, said he has been “bombarded with messages and offers left and right” ever since a video filmed at the time of the signing went viral. The record is placed up for auction over at Moment In Time and is for sale at a minimum price of $500,000 USD. The auction will start on June 19 through Gotta Have Rock and Roll. Now, this piece of music memorabilia is particularly interesting.

    As it turned out, in February 2024, Kanye West accused Adidas of releasing new colorways of the Yeezy 350 sneaker without his permission. He claimed Adidas was “raping” him as an artist because they were releasing Yeezy shoes with his name on them without paying him and getting his sign-off.

    Indeed, West held a heated confrontation outside a Paris hotel, where Kanye’s fans started chanting “F*** Adidas.” Kanye signed a vinyl copy of his album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy with that expletive aimed at Adidas. The fan, who wishes to remain anonymous, shared his experience meeting the rapper.

    The 31-year-old was lucky enough, after hours of staying in front of West‘s hotel, that the rapper popped his head out of the van and told everyone to shout “Fuck Adidas”. After a long time, the fan finally got a hold of West, who finally signed his record. The image of West personalizing the vinyl became popular and started a torrent of offers to purchase the record.

    I have also kept track of some of the rarest music memorabilia ever, and trust me, there should be a huge market for it. Autographed albums, rare vinyl records, concert posters, and even used ticket stubs from notable concerts can be collectibles. Do you know what is the costliest piece of music memorabilia ever sold in an auction to date? It is Kurt Cobain’s MTV Unplugged Guitar and was sold for an unbelievable $8,013,000.

    Kanye West has had a number of albums that could be considered one of the best and most iconic of all time, besides ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ back in 2010. These also include ‘The College Dropout’ (2004), ‘Late Registration’ (2005), ‘Graduation’ (2007), ‘808s & Heartbreak’ (2008), and ‘Yeezus’ from 2013. This auction isn’t just about a signed vinyl; it’s about history, a moment in time captured on a record.

    It’s about an artist’s creation process who isn’t afraid to speak his mind, no matter if it raises a stink. And it’s about the fans who stand behind their favorite artists even in adversity.

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