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    Juice WRLD’s Girlfriend Claims He Didn’t Die Of Overdose

    I understand that people have different ways of dealing with grief, including celebrities. It can be especially challenging for public figures as they are expected to continue with their lives despite their personal loss.

    Take, for example, Ally Lotti, the widow of Juice WRLD. Her behavior has drawn attention, and it seems like she and Asian Doll are trying to outdo each other in terms of being the most outspoken about their deceased boyfriends. Their actions on social media have been quite embarrassing.

    Ally went on Instagram Live to discuss conspiracy theories, with the wildest one being that Juice WRLD’s death in 2019 was not due to a drug overdose. Strangely, she refused to reveal the actual cause and claimed that higher powers prevented her from sharing the truth. If I were aware of the real circumstances surrounding my spouse’s passing, I would have no hesitation in informing the world.

    Juice WRLD was not a political activist, so there seems to be no reason for a hidden agenda. Why would the coroners lie about the autopsy? Even his closest friends, who were present with him, discussed and described his overdose in the airport documentary. Ally’s statement suggests that she is still in the midst of grieving and struggling to come to terms with his death. It’s difficult to comprehend why someone so young, with no underlying health conditions, would pass away.

    On the other hand, it’s possible that Ally might be seeking attention or trying to gain clout. It’s quite convenient that she has recently been promoting her new OnlyFans account. Interestingly, she is in her 30s, which makes this behavior rather unusual for someone her age.

    It’s truly a shame that Juice WRLD cannot rest in peace. He deserved a partner who would prioritize his best interests, whether he was alive or not. Hopefully, everyone affected by his death can find healing and solace.


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