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    Jay-Z Claims He’s Not Done Making Music

    Jay-Z has “99 Problems” like everyone else, but rap music isn’t one of them. Hov has been out of the rap game for a hot minute, leading fans to speculate that he’s given up rapping for good. Though, the rap mogul made it clear he still has a few bars left in him. During a recent interview, Jay-Z claimed he’s not done making music just yet.

    Could We Expect A Jay-Z Album Soon?

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    It’s not easy to say when an artist plans to release new music, especially if they’re as discreet as Jay-Z. The Roc Nation CEO wants the rap community to know that he’s still very much involved. In particular, he’s been featured in a few music videos by the likes of Fivio Foreign, his wife Beyonce and his good pal, DJ Khaled. Clearly, the rapper has no plans of officially retiring. Though, the general public seems convinced otherwise.

    Finally, fans got their answer during Hov’s interview with Kevin Hart on his Peacock talk show Hart To Heart. When speaking on his future plans for music, Jay-Z told the comedian that he’s open to anything. Whether that be a new album or a collaboration, Hov wants in on it. Despite that fact, Hov remained very vague on the details, often stating, “I don’t know what’s going to happen.” In the same breath, he argues that he’s not retired and isn’t done making music. Guess we’ll have to stay tuned to see what Hov comes out with next.

    He Tried To Retire Before

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    While Jay-Z claims he doesn’t want to retire, he did try to leave the rap game in the past. Back in 2003, after the release of his album The Black Album, Hov threatened to leave the music world for good.

    At the time, he’d been overworked, stressed and tired. Jay-Z revealed to Hart that he’d been working back to back on albums for 3 consecutive years. On top of meeting deadlines and putting out new music, he’d been busy running his own company and touring around the world. Unfortunately, Jay-Z didn’t even have his first vacation until 2000. It’s no wonder Hov wanted to retire at the time. Clearly, in a better place in his life now, the rapper makes music on his own time.

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