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    J Prince/Mob Ties Artist Finesse2Tymes Involved In Club Shootout

    Life only gives you so many chances to make the same mistake. Eventually, those chances are going to run out and then reality is going to kick in. Someone should relay this info to J Prince’s and Moneybagg Yo’s rapper Finesse2Tymes who’s been playing with fire, by being in the wrong place at the wrong.

    Trouble Found Him Again

    With it being only six months since his release from prison, you would hope he’d be more careful. But Finesse still seems to be hanging around the wrong crowd. This past weekend, a Knoxville promoter alleged that members of Finesse’s team shot three people and ran off with the payment. I guess you can say he finessed the promoter two times.

    But in all seriousness, what did the promoter expect? Did he truly expect good business practices from someone with a name like that? It’s only right that Finessed2Tymes lived up to his name. Eventually, he got on Instagram Live to tell his side of the story.

    On his account, he recalls things going a little differently. He says the promoter was obviously too drunk and was being touchy. That’s around the time when things took a turn for the worst. He’s better than me because I would never speak about any crime without a lawyer present. Especially on Instagram Live, that’s a rookie mistake.

    Move Smarter

    Hopefully, Finesse2Tymes and his team move smarter. More importantly, how are we this early in the new year, and we already have another Mob Ties-associated shooting? Surely, this can’t be a coincidence.


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