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    Is It Ketchup Or Lip Gloss?


    Lip Gloss or Ketchup?

    Rihanna never fails to amaze us with her bold fashion styles and overall girl boss energy. Rihanna’s new Fenty Beauty campaign comes with a bit of a surprise. Fenty Beauty’s latest collaboration with MSCHF  mixes Fenty Gloss Bomb and Ketchup for a special surprise. The collaboration includes a variety of packets with come containing ketchup or lip gloss. However, you don’t know which is lip gloss and which is ketchup until you open them up. Is Fenty’s campaign cool or inconvenient? 

    Fenty sent the package to a variety of influencers who shared their reactions online. The packaging initially shocked many people. The packets of products say “Ketchup or Makeup” almost reminiscent of a game show activity. While many are perplexed by this collaboration, it’s no surprise that it’s gained a lot of attention. 

    Is It A Good Idea?

    One Twitter user under the name @rihannalately created a meme from the campaign. Another  Twitter user under the name @heeyitsamberr said: “That new Fenty beauty x ketchup collab is so stupid. Who thought it would be cute or a good idea?! They need to fire whoever said ok to that.” Consequently, while the campaign is certainly unique, Fenty Beauty has managed to garner more attention from it. 

    Arguably, the campaign is more of an art statement. MSCHF, an American art collective, is known for its displays of art from physical products to even browser plug-ins. The purpose of this collaboration is more about making a statement and less about the products themselves. However, Fenty Beauty is definitely receiving more attention in this case. The intersection of art and makeup shine through in this campaign. Not only it is a great marketing strategy, but the idea of lipstick dispensed from a ketchup packet is quite humorous. 


    So, do you like this collaboration? Or, is it bizarre? 

    Let us know your thoughts below!



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