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    HF Hustler Of The Month Issue 1: Bryce

    HYPEFRESH Mag Hustler of The Month: Bryce-Part 1

    Hypefresh sat down with Philadelphia Native and Entrepreneur Bryce to discuss his Barbershop/Clothing store. Check out the video or read key takeaways below.


    TyroneHF-all right, Bryce just give us when it all started from when did you decide that this was the next step for you?

    Bryce- so when I was younger I used to design clothes all the time. but as I got older I realized it was harder to actually, make the clothes than I thought. so I started out you know getting t-shirts made and I had a lot of popularity. So people wanted some as I Wore them and I decided I should make my own and I just kept going with that

    TyroneHF-During this process where there challenges that you face just coming into this decision. Getting a shop isn’t all it is. It’s saying what clothes and material and how much you have to get where you’re going, networking and all of that. It was different things to face along the way.HF Hustler Of The Month Issue-1

    Bryce- I would say well I get asked daily for tips and help by other people who are trying to get started. I say the major two challenges I faced were I didn’t start with the team I started doing everything on my own but you know a team would have been very hopeful I would have got here sooner.

    TyroneHF-okay so your upbringing in your community did that have any effect on you growing up doing this whole creativity this young? 

    Bryce-Actually I don’t think it did because I was only in my community on the weekends. On the weekends I did run wild don’t get me wrong but during the week I went to boarding school, so I had as much time as I wanted to be creative and think of plenty of things. It’s like Jail like all you gotta do is push-ups, well all I had to do is be creative and go to school

    TyroneHF- how would you feel like your shop, would it change the narrative of how people could see barbershop culture?

    Bryce-uh honestly I think it will mainly because we had the clothing store on the other side so not only you have to be mindful of people in the shop. Women might bring their kid’s, women might be in here but it’s also gonna be women here(clothing store) and it’s gonna be women working here so you got to think about the things you say you feel me so any inappropriate conversation we would have they will be out the window but all the good, the good vibes and the good talks they’re still gonna be there also you know a woman, she’s gonna chime in so it’s gonna bring a different dynamic to the whole culture 

    TyroneHF-so you know you got the whole barbershop clothing line what separates your brand, your whole world of urban appeal from other brands?

    Bryce-I would say the thing that separates me and or my brand from other brands just probably me when you come around me you get a different feel 

    What do you guys think about Bryce Barbershop/clothing Line?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments

    Lastly, stay tuned for Part 2 of the interview

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