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    Halle Berry Backs Out Of Transgender Role

    Halle Berry Will no longer play a transgender man after getting backlash!

    The LGBTQ community has struck again, Halle Berry is backing out a transgender role after the community spoke out. News of Berry preparing for a role as transgender man got a lot of bad reception.

    Halle Berry seemed to be excited about an opportunity she was working on for an upcoming film. The role Berry was going to play was that of a transgender man who recently went through the transition. However, the former x-men star told an interviewer about the movie, word got out, and now Halle will no longer play the role.

    Halle Berry issued a statement detailing the thought process behind her backing out of the Transgender role.

    While it is easy to understand transgender people’s problems with a cis-gender playing someone trans. The reality is that the numbers don’t really allow for the representation to be evenly whispered. Furthermore, the need for all minority/disenfranchised communities to create their own media is even more evident in this situation.

    Until there are people behind the scenes who care about representation, people on the screen or watching it won’t care either. Fans were upset at Halle for accepting a role, that was going to help her pay bills for her family. If people are really upset, they could either stop supporting Hollywood films or even better start making their own.

    What do you guys think of Halle Berry backing out the Transgender Role? Was it the right thing to do?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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