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    Grizzlies Ja Morant Sued For Punching Minor In Pickup Game

    Everyone wants to be a tough guy these days. It never made sense to me why the world works that way. If you are in a blessed situation, why do you walk around with a chip on your shoulder? Kind of like Ja Morant, who was recently sued for trying to put on his tough front. His situation is what happens when keeping it real goes wrong.

    The Grizzlies star player was allegedly involved in the attack of a minor during a pickup basketball game at his Tennessee home in July. Allegedly, it all started when the minor threw a ball at Ja’s face. The teen then said that Morant punched him with a closed fist, and continued hitting him while he was on the ground. He whooped his ass so bad, that he allegedly had a large knot on his head.

    F*ck Them Kids

    Not saying I condone this behavior, but if someone purposely threw a ball into my face, there will be consequences. But overall, both the kid and Morant are in the wrong, but mainly Morant. He kept beating the kid up after knocking him to the ground, which was somewhat overboard. He took the famous statement “f*ck them kids” too seriously.

    Stupid Mistake

    Ja has to be way smarter than resorting to physical violence. He has a lot more to lose than some 17-year-old kid. Not to mention, punching someone can seriously injure your hand. Fighting is very different from what you see in the movies. All it takes is one punch to mess up his ability to shoot the ball over some meaningless fight. If you don’t believe me, look at what happened to Blake Griffin in Toronto a couple of years back. This is partially the reason Blake Griffin is a shell of himself now.

    The fact that the DA didn’t charge Ja means it couldn’t have been that bad. It feels like the kid saw an opportunity to get money and took advantage of it.


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