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    Florida’s Seddy Hendrinx Taps In With Idol T-Pain On “Body 2 Body”

    Call me peculiar, but I think you can know a lot about a person based on their music taste. If you’re a Seddy Hendrinx fan, I already know that your music taste is fire. Believe me

    I believe a person’s music taste can reveal a lot about them. If you’re a fan of Seddy Hendrinx, I already know you have excellent music taste. Seddy has the smoothest vocals among rappers, and his voice would be perfect for a Tiny Desk Live Performance.

    Amazing Year

    I must acknowledge Seddy’s accomplishments in 2022 as a Florida artist. Not only did he headline a tour with OMB Peezy, but he also blessed us with high-quality music. His “DJ Drama Gangsta Grillz” mixtape, Well Sed, was one of the standout projects of the year. And just before the year ended, he treated his listeners to one final gift.

    Recently, he released a visually stunning video for his single “Body 2 Body.” The location chosen for the video perfectly complements the sensual track, exuding a minimalistic and high-fashion vibe. Seddy’s soulful voice breathes life into the room.

    Collaboration of Prodigy & Successor

    The song also includes a guest appearance from the iconic T-Pain, renowned for his work in the mid-2000s. Being from Florida and sharing similar styles, it’s evident that T-Pain played a role in shaping Seddy’s melodic sound. However, it’s important to note that Seddy is not merely imitating T-Pain but showcasing a fantastic collaboration between a protégé and a successor.

    Make sure to check out the captivating music video for “Body 2 Body.”

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