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    Exclusive: Hip Hop Artist So Gaudy Releases New Single ‘Oh Well’

    Who’s So Gaudy?

    HypeFresh Magazine would like to introduce the music artist, So Gaudy. The Las Vegas native is making his way up through entrepreneurship and being an all-around businessman. Years of past experiences have motivated Gaudy in releasing a new single “Oh Well” and truly expanding his brand.

    Through the years Gaudy has watched his father sing along to Jimi Hendrix to his brother playing bass. The music star knew from then his true passion. Music has played a vital role in Gaudy’s life and at times is a stress reliever. The star enjoys that music can make one feel these different emotions that can make one feel in a better mood.

    Music has changed Gaudy’s outlook on life and pursuing it as his career has taught him many things in making it in the industry. Hard work and dedication have shaped Gaudy into a true rising artist.

    The Sin City native released his new single, “Oh Well” which was made due to his recovery after a serious accident. The single was directed by LouieKnows and is about the come-up from the projects to live in luxury. Gaudy was determined to never let anything get in the way of his success and major setbacks turned into major comebacks.

    Can you talk to me about the car accident that led you to write this new hit? 

    “My car accident taught me to never give up on anything you’re doing,” Gaudy says. “I had to not give up on myself, so that’s taught me to not give up on anything that I’m doing and to keep pushing.” 

    “Oh Well” is Out

    Gaudy shot the music video for “Oh Well” in downtown Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. The music star pushes hard on investing in oneself for ultimate growth and achievements. Gaudy wants fans to take away their understanding, of “the true importance of perseverance and consistency in the music industry.”

    With Gaudy’s confidence in the delivery of the new single and the connections he has developed, the record label owner has become an important figure in the Las Vegas music scene. Gaudy owns his record label, Get Right Entertainment, and since 2013 has turned the label completely upside down.

    Over the years of seeking his label, Gaudy has found the artists that truly fit his brand. Also, all have a mindset to change the world through music. The craft and style the label brings is something Gaudy has been dreaming of and they’re back and better than ever.

    How does it feel to work with people that have a similar mindset, and change the world of music?

    “It feels good to work with people that want to work on their craft, want to put their message and also have a message, you know what I mean?” says the Las Vegas artist. “I never really worked with too many artists that were looking at the same picture as me. We also build something together.” 

    Show Some Love

    With five albums under his belt, Gaudy has made a name for himself in the music industry that is only going up. While he did face obstacles, they shaped him into the person and artist he is today. The star has worked with Soulja Boy, Kap G, and others that bossed his way up.

    via So Gaudy 2020 album, “Vinny Vallacci”

    Check out So Gaudy on Apple Music and YouTube. See what the Las Vegas native is all about.

    If you could give any advice to people making it in the industry, what would you give? 

    “I would say investing in yourself,” says Gaudy. “If you’ve done ten different things and nine things failed but one thing works. So you know what I mean? I feel like going through the motions is definitely something that’s important as actually learning what advertising is. So you know that a lot of the things that these labels are going to do for you, you can do yourself. At the end of the day, it’s a learning process and music is just 10%.”


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