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    Elizabeth Warren Is On A Mission to Kill The Electoral College

    Senator Elizabeth Warren believes that every vote matters!

    The majority of Democrats, including Elizabeth Warren, have been very critical of the electoral college following the results of the 2000 and 2016 elections. If you recall, Al Gore and Hillary Clinton both won the popular vote, yet still lost the electoral college vote and presidency.

    Hence, during an hour-long town-hall at Mississippi’s Jackson State University, Warren made her announcement. However, she is not alone. Just this past Sunday, Colorado joined 11 other states and the District of Columbia by pledging to give their electoral votes to candidates who win the national popular vote.

    But, according to The Washington Post, the bill will only be effective once voted upon by at least 270 electoral college votes. This is also the same number needed to win the presidency. Now with Colorado in the mix, she will only need 181 votes. If you confused out of your fucking mind, no worries. Watch this video believe and take notes!

    Now, that you understand, this could pose another problem for Warren. According to the Washington Post, the constitution dictates how states award their electoral votes in national elections. Republican lawmakers have denied such action because they believe that Democrats only want to change the rules because they cannot win on their own merit. But Warren is hopeful to create a healthy democracy. But the million dollar question remains. Who is paying Warren to protest against the electoral college?

    What do you all believe? Does Warren stand a chance against the elite political sphere? Please comment below and for more breaking news and politics, keep it locked to!

    Featured Image Credit: The Weekly Standard

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