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    R&B Legend El DeBarge Arrested For Drugs In California

    Substance abuse is such a real issue in the black community. Most people don’t expect it, but entertainers struggle with this disease the most. If you’re familiar with El DeBarge, he’s been fighting this disease for a while. Unfortunately, I have to deliver some unfortunate news. He recently encountered the police and got arrested in California on drug charges.

    Late-Night Arrest

    According to the police, they noticed El’s parked car had expired tags and saw a metal baton. This gave them probable cause to search his car where they found mace and heroin. The cop that arrested him is a loser for bothering someone who was clearly minding their business.

    This is so heartbreaking to see because it seemed like El was doing so great on his road to sobriety. If you watched his biopic, you already understand that he’s been through a lot in his life. Their father was very abusive, both physically and sexually. And it’s apparent that he’s still fighting these demons in his adulthood.

    In My Prayers

    I truly hope El DeBarge heals from his trauma. Hopefully, he finds help before it’s too late. I’d be crushed if we lost another legend like we lost DMX.


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