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    Donald Trump Bashes Rihanna Again After Her Super Bowl Performance

    After Rihanna’s Super Bowl performance, former President Donald Trump took to social media to bash her. He called her halftime show an ‘epic fail’ and claimed she had no talent.

    This isn’t the first time that Trump has taken to Twitter to go after Rihanna. It’s likely he’s doing this because of her dislike for him.

    Rihanna’s Super Bowl Performance

    Rihanna received lots of compliments for her performance at the Super Bowl this year, and even a few haters. The Fenty queen was pregnant with her second child when she stepped on stage, and she wore a tight red outfit to show off her growing baby bump.

    But there was one person who didn’t love her performance — Donald Trump. The real estate mogul and former president took to his social media platform, Truth, to bash Rihanna.

    In his post, he called her performance an “EPIC FAIL” and said she gave the “single worst halftime show in Super Bowl history.” He also accused her of using foul and insulting language that is sure to have left a bad taste in the mouth of many Americans.

    This isn’t the first time that Trump has criticised Rihanna or her music. The pop star has fought a series of legal battles with Trump over her performing rights, and in 2018 her company forced him to stop using her music at his rallies.

    Trump’s Criticism

    After Rihanna gave a stunning Super Bowl performance, many fans were raving about it. However, one person was not happy with the performance: Donald Trump.

    The former President blasted the Barbadian singer after her sultry halftime performance, calling it the “single worst” in history.

    In a scathing post on his social media platform Truth, Mr. Trump referred to her use of foul and insulting language.

    He dubbed her performance a “complete and total disaster” and questioned why the NFL chose her.

    The president also criticized her for previously spray painting “F*** Trump” on a car. This was a reference to a photo the singer shared on Instagram in 2020, shortly after the election that saw Mr. Trump lose the White House.

    Rihanna’s Response

    Rihanna’s performance at the Super Bowl was praised worldwide. She wore a bright red outfit that showed off her baby bump and performed 12 songs.

    After her show, Rihanna took to social media and shared that she’s expecting her second child with rapper A$AP Rocky. In addition, she posted a picture showcasing her baby bump.

    The singer performed on an elevated platform high above the stadium and showed off her curves in a figure-hugging bustier, revealing her stomach. Her stylist Jahleel Weaver styled her look for the occasion.

    In an intriguing tweet, Trump questioned why the NFL chose Rihanna to be the halftime performer. He then shared a post on Truth Social by former White House physician Ronny Jackson who referred to a photo of the pop star next to a car spray painted with the words “Fuck Trump” that was posted in 2020.

    It’s unclear why Trump decided to take a shot at Rihanna after her Super Bowl performance, but it probably came as no surprise given her public dislike of the former President. The two have had a long-standing beef, and she has even sued him to stop playing her music at his rallies.

    Trump’s Response to Rihanna

    After Rihanna wowed viewers with her Super Bowl halftime performance, she was met with criticism from far-right conservatives. Among those was former President Donald Trump, who blasted her performance in a post on his Truth Social account Thursday.

    While it’s unclear why Trump made the comment, it appears to be in reference to a photo the singer posted on Instagram in 2020 that showed her spray-painting “F**k Trump” on a car.

    The singer has a long-standing history of criticizing the president. Back in 2018, she asked him to stop playing her music at his rallies and called him the most mentally ill person in America.

    Despite the criticism, Rihanna went on to perform at the Super Bowl, which many fans enjoyed. The performance was especially notable because a deaf performer, Justina Miles, interpreted Rihanna’s lyrics into American Sign Language. Her energetic interpretation of the song caught attention from viewers worldwide, and she is currently going viral online for her skills in ASL.

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