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    DJ Burn One’s Passion, Love For Music Changes The World

    Meet DJ Burn One

    David Sweeten, also known as DJ Burn One, started as a DJ and producer and now works as a teacher educator. He has achieved extraordinary success in hip-hop. DJ Burn One is dedicated to pushing musical boundaries and mentoring aspiring students in the industry. Music is his true passion, and every day brings new opportunities for him.

    DJ Burn One, a record producer from Georgia, began his musical journey at sixteen by establishing an online presence and sharing his music. He started selling mixtapes and collaborated with renowned rapper Gucci Mane on the mixtape “Chicken Talk” by the age of nineteen. With his influential and innovative approach, he brings a fresh style to hip-hop music.

    Dj burn one

    DJ Burn One shifted his focus to production and created the beat for A$AP Rocky’s hit “Houston Old Head” on the album “Long.” He has collaborated with numerous artists, both independent and well-known, such as Lil Durk, Nicki Minaj, and Rich the Kid. With his production company, Five Points Bakery, he offers services in beats, mixes, mastering, and sound design for movie trailers like 1917 and Justice League.

    “I set a goal to have my music featured in various sync opportunities,” DJ Burn One explained. “I aimed to be part of soundtracks, video games, movies, and Netflix projects. Within a year, I achieved everything on my list.”

    Influencing & Helping Others 

    DJ Burn One is currently partnered with the University of Illinois School of Music for “Music Monetization 499”. The course prepares students for the music industry and emphasizes effective brand monetization. They learn about creating samples, packages, and selling their work. It’s truly remarkable and incredible.

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    “That’s a significant aspect,” the producer explains. “When teaching kids, you must be adaptable and understanding. Your original target may not always be what you achieve, so you need to figure out how to make the most of things until you reach your goal.”

    DJ Burn One’s experiences have profoundly shaped him, from teaching to producing. With his passion for helping and influencing others, he impacts one artist at a time. Being an advocate in the music industry, he inspires many with his dedication to influencing others and embracing diverse ways of making music.

    “I’ve always supported artists,” says DJ Burn One. “If you look into my background, you’ll see that I’ve consistently fought for artists’ rights. This feels like the right path for me to help these artists. Producers play a crucial role in making an impact and providing them with essential information.”

    Dj Burn One’s Techniques 

    The music producer is determined to create new music and protect others from exploitation. DJ Burn One opens up about the challenges in the industry, drawing from his experiences to guide others and prevent them from making the same mistakes.

    “I want people to protect themselves and have a fair chance,” said Burn One.

    He teaches them effective song-making techniques.

    Aside from his career, DJ Burn One hosts a YouTube show called “Tree Churches Down Right Now.” The show combines entertainment, live music, and legendary stories. They play musical chairs, improvise on instruments, and create heartfelt music. DJ Burn One’s passion for making world-changing music is evident. The show’s blend of new music and classic tunes sparks curiosity about music in an innovative way.

    “People often say you become like the five closest people around you,” DJ Burn One explained. “So consider who those people are – are they pushing you forward or holding you back? Embrace what motivates you.”

    Creativity Turns Into Success 

    DJ Burn One used to think he lacked creativity until he started producing music and fully committed to it. Finding true passion and dedicating time to learning can greatly impact the results. As he mastered his craft, music became an immersive experience for DJ Burn One.

    Dj burn one

    He advises, “If you’re interested in something, dive right in.”

    “Everything I’ve learned is through trial, application, and then reapplication,” DJ Burn One explained. “So start putting your music out as soon as you feel confident about it. Create what you want to hear and embrace what makes you unique.”

    With dedication and passion, DJ Burn One exceeds expectations in music. He works hard to achieve his goals and mentors others in the competitive music industry. He has earned a reputation as one of the most innovative musicians in the modern South.

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