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    Denver Broncos QB is Embraced … Just Not the Way He Imagined

    This past Sunday, Denver Broncos superstar QB Russell Wilson took the field against his former team the Seattle Seahawks. Prior to the game, most athletes go out and warm up and do their pre-game routines. Wilson decided to head out to the Seahawks logo at midfield and it appeared prey. The moment went viral via Twitter due to the reactions by Seahawk fans immediately after. Wilson was rained down upon by Seahawk fans with bitterness in their heart about his departure with nothing but “Boos”.

    Wilson is a future HOFer and deserves much more respect from any organization. However, the fans appeared to stay loyal to their organization. While Wilson is usually unproblematic and friendly, he may have left some bad blood between the Seahawks fans. The home of the Seahawks, Lumen Field, is often recognized as the “12th man” because of how loud it can get. Throughout the game, it proved to be nothing short of the hype surrounding their legacy. 

    Denver Broncos Disappointing Season Opener

    The Broncos fall to an underwhelming Seahawks team due to a ton of silly mistakes. While the weather played a factor throughout the game, Wilson didn’t look as elite as he normally does. The Broncos lost in a close game to the Seahawks, 17-16, on the road. Former Denver Broncos TE Shannon Sharpe was disappointed in how the rookie HC Nathaniel Hackett handled the last minute of the ballgame.

    “IF* I’m paying 200 plus million for a qb,” Sharpe tweeted. “I’m not trotting my fg kicker out on 4th and 5 to kick a 64yd fg. You pay that type of many money for a qb for these situations 4th and 5 on the road in a hostile environment.”

    However, it’s only week one for the Broncos and they still have much more to prove. The AFC West division is by far the hardest division in football and getting to a slow start may affect them later in the season. Many Bronco fans are concerned with how they played last night, but they understand things can be changed and adjusted going forward.

    How do you think the Broncos’ season will turn out?

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