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    DaBaby Disses “Lyrical” Rapper Who Proposed Fake Beef for Clout

    DaBaby Shuns “Faux Feud,” Exposes Potential Puppetry in Hip-Hop

    DaBaby’s situation was new on “The Big Podcast” with Shaquille O’Neal this week. DaBaby made a stunning revelation. He narrated that “a respected lyricist” had come up to him in a scheme. It was based on a wrestling angle: a phony rivalry. The intention was to mimic the hype surrounding the Kendrick Lamar-J. Cole confrontation.

    But this plan, no matter how appealing it was for publicity, was a bridge too far for the candid rapper. Known for his unfiltered bars and genuine demeanor, DaBaby had no taste for fake conflict. In his talk with the No Jumper podcast, the rapper said, “Rap beef ain’t no game. That **t can get real quick, and I ain’t disrespecting myself or my homie like that.” It is a rare statement of artistic integrity that reveals his commitment to genuine expression and abhorrence of manufactured drama.

    With the source of the information spreading shockwaves throughout the industry, who amongst the respected lyricists had played such a duplicitous game? Many theories abound across the internet, although DaBaby is keeping his thoughts predominantly to himself. He knew the true identity of the culprit.

    Ultimately, that’s only one of the many cautionary tales of what musicians will do for infamy. And still, there are other questions to be answered. How ‘exactly’ productive would that be? Rap beefs are getting overshadowed by staged scuffles. This is from the real debates that once resulted in confrontations and diss tracks.

    DaBaby did not want to participate in this “publicity play”. The message here is that the public is ready to reward rappers for staying true to themselves. The period of rap when social media chatter is more influential than actual talent may be over. DaBaby has sent a message. No amount of shamming is more compelling than true expression.

    If they look up the phrases “DaBaby fake beef” or “DaBaby The Big Podcast,” fans will be able to investigate the narrative themselves. Although, the most important issue seems to be the identity of “the respected lyricist” that was responsible ? Perhaps it will be revealed by DaBaby’s next revelation in due course.

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