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    Chrisean Rock’s Sister Creates Cash App for Legal Fee Donations

    Recently the internet has been flooded with Christian Rock’s legal issues and even her sister today, Chasity, who resurfaced begging for money from fans. According to reports, Chasity begged her Instagram followers to send money via Cash App so that Chrisean would have money to pay for her looming legal issues. Chasity went on to pray that the lawyer on Chrisean’s case requested 12,000 dollars but was given only 1,500 dollars.

    This has raised several eyebrows, especially regarding the financial discrepancy. Why is there such a massive gap between the amount paid and the total fee required? The discrepancy confirms the investigation into the nature of legal fees and the details surrounding Chrisean’s situation.

    The most perplexing aspect of this story is why Chrisean, who reportedly owns an island and a beach house, hasn’t sold any of these assets to fund her legal defense. This question looms large over the entire situation, leading many to speculate about the underlying reasons.

    We consulted financial advisors who helped us understand the legal and logistic issues associated with liquidating property for legal fees.

    Take, for example, how one professional elucidated how these high-value assets, like selling a beach house or even an island, are too complex and time-consuming to execute a quick sale. It could be due to legal constraints or prevailing market conditions. The existence of possible liens or mortgages can also hold or even hinder sales from transpiring. He says,

    “It may also be the case that there are purely emotional- or strategic-based reasons why these properties are being held.”.

    The request for donations has not gone down quickly among Chrisean’s fans. Many came out to express incredulity at Chasity’s Cash App plea. Folks are worried-from the authenticity of the need to the possibility of the scam. We grabbed a few of these fans expressing their doubts:

    “I find it hard to believe that someone with such significant assets would need to ask for donations,”

    one fan wrote.

    Another fan pointed out,

    “There’s a danger whenever you make an online donation request. How do we know the money is going to the lawyer?”

    These, however, are just a few of the sentiments reflecting a broader wariness pervading the fan community. In this regard, Chasity has tried to confirm that this is a legit request made by her. She supposedly leaked her telephonic conversation in which she details the situation and confirms that her Cash App is real. She also went live on YouTube to detail the current situation in an attempt to be transparent and reassure her fans. In a live video, Chasity explained in detail the family’s financial situation and spoke of the urgency of getting funds for their legal needs.

    This somehow worked for some fans who thought that Chasity explaining things was enough to make them understand the family needed cash- and fast. Still, others couldn’t swallow the idea because “it’s not like her to post this stuff” and also because she didn’t show any evidence to prove the case.

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