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    Chris Paul Invests In Plant-Based Protein Shake Brand Koia

    Chris Paul Invests In Koia

    Chris Paul continues to put his money where his beliefs and interests lie. His latest investment aligns with his fight against environmental injustices, particularly food injustice. In fact, he is personally motivated by the benefits that he experiences consuming  a plant-based diet. CP3’s move encourages other minorities to make the necessary adjustments to live a healthier lifestyle. He partnered with Koia. 

    “I hope that by investing in Koia and other leaders in the industry, we can collaborate to create a significant cultural change where marginalized communities have better access and opportunities for a healthier lifestyle,” expressed Paul.

    The Brand

    Koia is the leading brand for plant-based protein shakes. Similar to Paul, the brand commits to providing more access to more healthy, plant-based options. A plethora of minority communities live in food deserts, where healthy food is not affordable or readily available. Chris Hunter, Co-Founder and CEO of Koia, expresses the brand’s excitement about working with Chris Paul. The brand is honored to work with someone who embodies a perfect representation of plant-based nutrition. Still, Paul proves what he can do on and off the court. 

    Koia’s Partnership with HBCUs

    Moreover, a major step towards closing the access to healthier food gap is to make options more visible on college campuses. Hence, Paul and Koia plan to introduce a Koia vending machine program on HBCU campuses. The partnership will start on campuses where the NBA player has established relationships with in the past. The initiative will kickstart in 2022. 

    In addition, Paul pledged to purchase 50,000 bottles of Koia Straw-nana Dream Smoothie. Currently, this smoothie is the best-selling flavor of Koia’s newest and most successful innovation line among national GoPuff consumers. Considering Chris Paul’s impact on the plant-based brand, imagine what strides his commitment to plant-based lifestyle will do for the community in the future. 

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