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    Chicago’s PGF Nuk Spins The Block On Newly Released Single “Sko”

    With Lil Durk dominating mainstream rap, there seemed to be a void for a new star in Chicago drill rap. I think that PGF Nuk has the potential to fill that gap. Forget Polo G, nobody has the youth movement on lock like Nuk. 2022 has been more than great for him and his career, and 2023 will prove to be the year he becomes the new face of drill.

    Hear Me Out

    I’m not trying to say that he’s a generational talent and is superior to an artist like Chief Keef. But he’s shown time and time again that his talent is worthy of being played on the radio and all across the country. Not allowing his rap peers to get the wrong idea that he was taking a break, he dropped one more song before the year ends.

    His newly released single, “Sho” proves that the young rapper is unable to crack under pressure if he wanted. This fiery track demonstrates PGF Nuk’s intense rapping style. You would think based on the way that the production starts with soft piano keys that it would be a more sentimental track. But once that bass kicks in, PGF Nuk just lyrically lashes out at all of his opponents.

    Cooling On The Block

    If you know anything about drill rap, they have never been known for having the most eye-catching videos. And that is exactly the case for the accompanying video for “Sko”. It’s just PGF Nuk and a couple of his homies hanging on the block in the middle of the night, like in the old days. But at the same time, it’s inspiring, because now they are dressed to impress in their designer outfits. You can’t help but respect how far they have come.

    Overall, I need people to stop underestimating PGF Nuk’s abilities. I think this is due to his violent subject material. But a song like “Sho” confirms that he’s not an artist you should count out.

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