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    Brandy Threatened To Go Full-Blown B Rocka After Jack Harlow Interview

    B Rocka Plays No Games

    Jack Harlow acts as the new kid on the block in the rap scene. While he’s made a few successful tracks, his knowledge on R&B and hip-hop soul icons needs work. Recently, during an interview the “First Class” rapper didn’t know that singers Ray J and Brandy were siblings. Apparently, the famous “The Boy Is Mine” singer caught word of Jack Harlow’s interview and threatened to go full-blown B Rocka on him. Sounds like there might be an upcoming battle in the works. And surely, B Rocka will not back down.

    Jack Harlow Doesn’t Know His R&B Lesson

    B Rocka
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    When it comes to Jack Harlow, the guy seems to have a real affinity for the rap community. He’s even collaborated over tracks with some of the best rappers in the game, such as Big Sean and Sweetie. Once, Jack Harlow called Kanye West aka Ye his hero. However, the “First Class” star dropped the ball during a recent interview with Hot 97’s “Erbo In The Morning.”

    During the segment, the hosts challenged Harlow’s music knowledge by asking him the name of the artist who sang “Angel In Disguise.” The Kentucky emcee mistakenly answered Aaliyah. Anyone who’s a Brandy fan knew the answer to that question. Of course, the fans roasted Harlow. Unfortunately, the jokes continued after the host explained to Harlow that Brandy was Ray J’s sister. Clearly, the star had the slightest clue that the two singers shared blood. Looks like Jack Harlow might need to brush up on his HipHop knowledge.

    Brandy Taps Into Alter Ego B Rocka

    Not only did Jack Harlow hear an ear-full from fans that day, but Brandy herself hopped into the mix. Furthermore, the Queens actress took to Twitter to threaten Harlow by going full-on B Rocka on him.

    “I’ll outperform this guy in rap when I’m 43, using his own beats, and then soothe him to sleep with my singing,” she tweeted, along with a video from the interview.

    After facing backlash from Jack Harlow fans, Brandy seemingly backtracked.

    She only poked fun at the new kid in town. Harlow held his own though, after he hit Brandy back by posting a photo of her Ray J together. Additionally, he soundtracked the photo with Brandy’s song “Bring Me Down,” featuring Ye. Luckily, Jack Harlow can take a joke.

    Although he’s a first class artist, Jack Harlow’s age demonstrates that he still needs a refresher on R&B and hip-hop artists.

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