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    Bow Wow Caught Red-Handed At The Strip Club Again

    We all have our own struggles with bad habits, and Bow Wow is no exception. He particularly revealed his weakness when he made a promise to himself that he would never visit a strip club again. The “Shorty Like Mine” rapper seemingly made good on his promise to fans and more importantly, himself. However, the former rapper recently broke that promise this week after he was caught partying at yet another strip club. The rapper just can’t seem to stay away.

    His Three-Way At The Strip Club

    It’s hard to fight temptation sometimes. Whether that’s reaching for the very last glazed donut or throwing dollar bills at a strip club. Unfortunately, Bow Wow committed the latter of the two this week and things aren’t looking so good for the rapper.

    Recently, a video surfaced of Bow Wow having a three-way with two unidentified women at a male establishment. Of course, fans on social media wasted no time in dragging the “Like Mike” actor for his behavior. Maybe when he was younger, people would turn the other cheek. However, at 35-years-old and pushing towards 40, it’s not a good look for Bow Wow. He might want to give up hanging out at strip clubs altogether in the future.

    It’s All “Boward’s” Fault

    Strip Club
    via Red Eye

    Shortly after the video went viral, Bow Wow took to Instagram to air out his frustration at his mistake. Though, rather than admitting that he himself committed the act, he blamed his alter ego Boward. Arguably, he should take responsibility for his actions. After all, he told fans back in March that he’s supposedly done with attending strip clubs. He should stick to his guns.

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