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    Bobby Shmurda Drops “Rat N****s” Aimed at Gunna?

    The vast majority of the black community and hip hop, has always been against snitching. Well-known Brooklyn rapper Bobby Shmurda seems to be the latest artist to take this stance. The “Hot Boy” artist took to Instagram to preview some lyrics from his new song.

    A post shared by Bobby Shmurda (@itsbobbyshmurda)

    The new song, titled “Rat N****s” seems to be directed at YSL’s Gunna.

    The claims are backed by the fact that after Gunna’s plea deal, Some claim that Shmurda is targeting Gunna since other members of YSL, including Young Thug, are still in jail as a result of Gunna’s plea deal.

    Took a plea deal; left your puppy in that pen; why they playback in the courtroom, keeps playing back in his brain- Bobby shmurda

    When battling legal problems, Bobby Shmurda added two years to his sentence in 2016 to reduce Rowdy Rebel’s sentence by five years. It’s safe to say that the 28 year old artist has no problem demonstrating his unwavering dedication to his group.

    Mannn F*** all these rap N****aas!!!!-@ITSBOBBYSHMURDA

    However, in Gunna’s RICO conspiracy prosecution, he entered an Alford Plea, which according to his attorney Steven Shadow has no bearing on the outcomes of the charges of the other YSL members.

    Was Bobby Shmurda right to call out Gunna? Was Gunna wrong for leaving his friends in the slammer? Let me know in the comments below!

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