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    Blood Records Reveals Bath Water Vinyl for ‘Saltburn’ – Limited Edition Alert!

    Calling all vinyl lovers and movie buffs! Blood Records are the latest company to send waves through the pop culture zeitgeist as they announce the release of a ‘bath water edit’ vinyl pressing of the “Saltburn” soundtrack. The partnership with Bad World, one of the leading innovators in the industry for pressing records is set to be able to grab collectors as well as prove that physical media is not dying one bit.

    Which Along with the standard black disc, The Bath Water Edit these guys are taking vinyl aesthetics to the next level! A transparent record with what looks like a liquid swirling around in it and a plughole in the middle. Part of what makes this design so visually striking is that it’s not just a weird gimmick, but a thematically appropriate homage to a crucial scene in “Saltburn.” From visionary director Emerald Fennell, the star-studded ensemble also features Barry Keoghan, Jacob Elordi, Rosamund Pike and is a tale about the ugliness of obsession. That moment when Keoghan’s character, Oliver, takes his obsession with Elordi’s Felix to a very dark place and drinks his bathwater has been made into its very own vinyl edition.

    Making this record required an incredible amount of attention to detail from Blood Records working alongside Bad World. This is backed by their combined experience to produce a beautiful design with sound quality that matches it. Listening to the record, we are swept up into the world of “Saltburn“, and with each and every spin we are are cast back into the film’s soundtrack.

    However, the story is not over there. Social media went a bit mad for the “bath water edit. Within 15 hours, a video featuring the track was doing the rounds on TikTok next to a playful and iconic mash-up with Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s Murder on the Dancefloor, and quickly “broke the internet”, hitting over 2.1 million views. The ongoing media attention proves the market for bespoke, collectible vinyl records is very much in demand, particularly with a new wave of music and film fanatics who appreciate the physical format in an increasingly digital world.

    Music and movie buffs, mark your calendars the vinyl edition of the “bath water edit” releases on September 29th. This record has the potential to be highly in demand among collectors with its limited-edition status and enormous virality. You can now pick up what many consider a groundbreaking blend of music and film and irrational attachment to a piece of art that now intertwines with a cinematic experience.

    With physical media often taking a beating from streaming services, Blood Records and Bad World have demonstrated that vinyl can still pack a punch. The bath water edit of the Saltburn soundtrack illustrates how, with a sprinkle of inspiration and a tip of the hat to a film’s narrative, a record can transcend being just music and become a herald, a conversation piece and a work of art all of its own. So, get lost in the music of ‘Saltburn’ but this time, with a collection that actually brings to the surface the film’s distinct spirit.

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