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    Bhad Bhabie Stands By Boyfriend Despite Abuse Allegations

    Bhad Bhabie is at the center of controversy again. This past weekend, she shared distressing footage and images of her being assaulted by her child’s father, Le Vaughn. The incident sparked quite a stir of concern from her fans and followers. However, Bhad Bhabie, known for her strong lines and ‘no-care attitude’, stood her ground.

    The whole drama began when Bhad Bhabie, the 21-year-old rapper, wrote on her Instagram a shocking share of a video where she showed her ex-boyfriend Le Vaughn abusing her.

    The now-deleted video recorded an act of Le Vaughn engaging in a physical fight with Bhad Bhabie, whereby he could be seen to push her to the ground and place his knee down on her back. These were accompanied by pictures of her bruised face, including black swollen eyes, that gave a grim account of the incident that had occurred on June 30.

    On Tuesday, July 9, Bhad Bhabie responded to a comment on Instagram, where one user was pleading with her to leave Le Vaughn, saying, “If you cared, you would leave that man. He will abuse you in front of her.” But the rapper was super quick to clarify her position.

    “I wasn’t going to speak on this but who said I was staying? What about that post made y’all think I’m staying? BC I said I love him? Bc I said he’s gonna get help. I’m so confused and so are y’all,” she clapped back.

    Bhad Bhabie, who has always been quite open about her life, took to Instagram to express herself on the incident.

    “I love that man more than I love myself and it’s honestly really sad. But unfortunately this is real life I know the easy way out is to leave and that’s better said than done,” she wrote. Her words hid the turmoil inside, as to whether she should stay with her daughter’s father or not, owing to the abuses she had been putting up with from him.

    She went further to add,

    “This doesn’t happen this extreme often, but LV definitely has a problem. He’s going to get the help he needs. Right now there’s no room for mistakes. And he knows that. Whoever says they are there for me will be supportive of me no matter what I choose to do. Y’all know I give a MF hell but there’s no excuse for that at all what so ever. My point in sharing this wasn’t to attack him, it was for him to see what he does is wrong and to take accountability and make a real change.”

    This is thus really shockingly disapppointing to so many, who have been following the relationship since July 2020. After bringing a baby girl into the world in March 2024, most of their personal life was off the radar. Through and through, however, they would update fans by posting pictures of everything from concerts to simply shopping, and thus giving them a view of their relationship. Le Vaughn, known for his style sense and being a great fanatic of Balenciaga, was also very familiar with Bhad Bhabie’s fans.

    Bhad Bhabie and Le Vaughn have gone through their ups and downs. Well, much like most, it is a story of highs and lows. In December 2023, she shared that she was pregnant, and everything lit up with the coming of their baby girl. This picture of style, fashion, and tender moments showcases the life of a young couple living life.

    This recent incident, however, throws a rewind to a darker side of that sort of relationship. Bhad Bhabie standing by Le Vaughn despite being abused raises a pointer toward the inherent complexities that come with personal relationships and hence is oneredirectTo both support and critique from her fanbase and members of the public at large.

    Besides all her personal drama, Bhad Bhabie has been embroiled in other controversies. She has spoken out about alleged mistreatment by staffers at Provo Canyon School in Utah and warned that the troubled teen industry took the actions too light-hearted. And clearly associated with this one above, she was against Dr. Phil, who ‘catalyzed that cycle of emotional abuse by sending teens across the country to facilities.’ Another controversy surrounding her is cultural appropriation, specifically using AAVE in her music and persona.

    Despite all these rows, Bhad Bhabie yet remains one of the most popular figures in the music industry. This is enhanced by making music that has raw and unapologetic lyrics. All this drama with Le Vaughn has just cemented another layer onto her complex narrative that continues changing as she maneuvers through her career and life.

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