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    Beyonce and Adidas agree to Part Ways!

    The superstar singer, whose music and live performances have made her one of the most successful artists in history, has decided to sever her business ties with adidas. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Beyonce and Adidas have reportedly agreed to end their global collaboration on her Ivy Park activewear line. The two have respectfully chosen to part ways.

    The two-year deal between the superstar and German sportswear company began in 2019. Beyonce is reportedly planning on reclaiming her brand, charting her own path, and maintaining creative freedom.

    There were reportedly major creative differences between the two, though she has not yet announced the details of her plan to leave Adidas. The Grammy-Award winning multi-hyphenate and the athletic wear brand have been working together since 2019, and it was a lucrative venture.

    The partnership is officially over

    The Wall Street Journal recently reported that sales for the Ivy Park collection by Beyonce and Adidas fell WAY below internal projections, causing the sportswear brand to lose money. In fact, Ivy Park’s sales dropped 50% last year, bringing in $40 million instead of its projected $250 million.

    In an attempt to replicate the success of Kanye West’s Yeezy brand (which Adidas ended last year), the sportswear giant sought to make Ivy Park a similar merchandising success story. However, it was a struggle to sell the line, sources told the Journal. Beyonce didn’t appear as often in paparazzi photos wearing Ivy Park clothes as she did with Yeezy, and the label didn’t use fresh marketing campaigns to attract new customers like it did with Yeezy.

    Despite the aforementioned difficulties, Ivy Park was still expected to bring in $20 million in revenue this year. It is also set to launch a new collection, Park Trail, on February 9.

    If Beyonce is able to successfully relaunch her Ivy Park line with Adidas again, it could be a game changer for the brand. The collection features Beyonce-approved sportswear, luxe lounging essentials, sleek dresses, accessories, and sneakers.

    Will Beyonce look back?

    A Beyhive fan, Maella, said she was excited to see the line. “Beyonce is a huge star and this will definitely help the brand,” she told Forbes in an email.

    The collection will debut in adidas stores and online on Thursday at midnight. It will include a mix of athletic-inspired clothing, loungewear, and accessories, with prices starting at $25 for belt bags and beanies to $170 for apparel.

    Beyonce’s latest release, Renaissance, was a huge hit this weekend and the Beyhive is pumped for the tour this summer. Tickets for the show are now on sale and will cost anywhere from $80 to $240.

    Although the partnership may have not worked out for the superstar and the sportswear giant, it’s an important lesson to learn for other artists. If you can’t get your fans to buy your merch, it’s time to consider another brand that will better suit your style.

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