Baddies South On Zeus: Chrisean Vs. BlueFace


Are y’all tuning into Zeus Network’s Baddies South? If you aren’t, you have to catch it as soon as possible because it goes down there. What is Baddies South about? A group of young women crash the dirty South on a decked out tour bus, performing at some of the hottest spots along the way. The show’s original baddie host, Natalie Nunn is on board to mediate the girls, but sometimes finds herself in the middle of the drama! So who is actually making the show popular? Big Rock, Chrisean, that is. Chrisean Rock is taking social media by storm with her tenacious athleticism and rumbles with and and off flame, Blueface. These two are working on being the most toxic couple of the year, TOXIC. According to TMZ, Chrisean and Blueface scrap it out on the streets of LA earlier in August. Another report shows a recent incident where Chrisean is on film double-decking Blueface in the face in Arizona, according to XXL. Sheesh! She is immediately arrested.

Baddies Introduction To Chrisean Rock

Baddies ATL is something like a modern rendition of the 2000s reality show, Bad Girls Club. Natalie Nunn was a star on the show back then, y’all remember Miss, “I RUN LA?” Chrisean is not the bully on the show, yet she’s whooping a** and taking names, including Blueface! Matter of fact, Blueface is one of the very reasons she is on the show! Their toxic on and off again relationship is continuing to ruin as Chrisean’s character becomes more relevant on the show.

Nonetheless, Blueface and Chrisean still manage to keep in contact after they have huge fights. Last year, she would break into his home, steal his Mercedes SUV and write on his walls in blood. Obviously there is something about this woman that Blue loves! Time after time, he claims to be done with the Baddies South star, but maybe it isn’t that easy?

When To Call It Quits

Relationships are hard. Life is hard. Bringing two people from very different backgrounds and traumas can spark fire! Relationships should never become physically or verbally abusive. Domestic abuse is the cause of so many deaths, on the daily. Get help or get out.

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