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    Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Son Joseph Baena Is His Dad’s Bodybuilding Twin

    Baena: Following in Arnold’s Footsteps, Celebrating Family, and Keeping the Legacy Alive!

    Wow, it’s incredible how much Joseph Baena looks like his dad, Arnold Schwarzenegger, especially during his younger bodybuilding days. Joseph celebrated his 26th birthday in a unique way by competing in the Malibu triathlon. He was out there on the beach, rocking a Speedo, and had that signature Schwarzenegger grin on his face. He looked like a true champ with the number 743 on his arm.

    Joseph even shared this extraordinary moment on Instagram, captioning it with some humor, saying, “Twenty-Six? More like Twenty SICK!” Joseph has inherited his dad’s sense of humor.

    Joseph admired his father more than just being his look-alike. In 2022, he fulfilled the wish of being Arnold when he joined “Dancing with the Stars” and played “Hercules.” Indeed, that was a boyhood dream come true for him or something that he had thought about while growing up. This confirms his admiration for the legendary prowess on-screen acting by his father.

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    And here’s a good one: Joseph said he’d play “Hercules” in an upcoming film just like his dad. How about that, the Schwarzenegger legacy continuing to dominate Hollywood!

    Speaking of Arnold, he recently opened up about his relationship with his ex-wife, Maria Shriver. He talked about how they’ve become grandparents to their daughter Katherine’s two kids. Arnold made it clear that despite their past, he never really left the first chapter of their relationship. He admitted to his mistakes, primarily his affair in ’96, which led to Joseph’s birth.

    Arnold recalled a counseling session where Maria wanted to know if he was Joseph’s father. It was a challenging moment, but he told the truth, and it understandably crushed her. Arnold regretted causing pain to his family with his actions, and he acknowledged that everyone had suffered because of his mistakes.

    Despite their differences and challenges, Arnold and Maria have managed to co-parent and put their kids first. They’ve managed to stay in touch and attend significant family gatherings, proving that family connections can endure even through the most challenging moments.

    It’s truly a remarkable tale, marked by both highs and lows, but it ultimately underscores the resilience of family bonds and the potential for healing and coming together.

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