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    Armon Wiggins Calls Hollywood Unlocked’s CEO Jason Lee “A Snake”

    Not all fights end with hugs and kisses. Unfortunately, some go on for years and turn sour by the minute. Former Love & HipHop star Jason Lee and Armon Wiggins’s feud has been building since anyone can remember. With tensions running high and shade thrown every which way, it’s very possible that these social media Queens may never reconcile. The Hollywood Unlocked CEO certainly made sure of that, after talking down on Armon Wiggins during a recent interview. Now Wiggins has called out the Editor-In-Chief, deeming him a “snake.”

      Armon Wiggins Has Helped Him Through Thick & Thin

    Clearly, Hollywood Unlocked’s Jason Lee had plenty to say during a recent episode on The Breakfast Club. While some people enjoyed what the blog giant had to say, others like Armon Wiggins called him out.

    During his The Armon Wiggins Show comedy podcast, Wiggins addressed the shade thrown at him by Lee himself. He noted several times throughout the episode that the CEO “disliked him” and had jealously issues. “Once you realized you couldn’t rope me, you didn’t like me no more,” Wiggins said during his podcast.

    Despite all that’s transpired between the two, Wiggins has helped the social media influencer through thick and thin. He even showed fans receipts, claiming that he’s done everything from helping him with his YouTube presence to writing blogs about Cardi B to attending red carpet events. The two may have been on good terms at one point, but now they’re enemies.

                He Calls Jason Lee “A Snake”


    Almost every relationship in life runs its course. However, Armon Wiggins and Jason Lee’s relationship has run amuck. Furthermore, the two biggest social media giants in Black Hollywood have been at each other’s necks for the longest time.

    During Wiggins rant on his podcast, he even went as far to call Lee “a snake.” According to Wiggins, the Hollywood Unlocked CEO has undermined and tried to sabotage his success. Additionally, Wiggins accused him of stealing everything from his style to taking credit for a photo op with Kanye West. Clearly, these Queens have some serious bad blood between them.







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