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    Angela Davis Reissues Her Timeless 1974 Autobiography

    Recent_News_Angela_Davis_HypefreshCivil Rights activist and womanist Angela Davis is reissuing her timeless 1974 autobiography. She is the last of a dying breed, a heartbeat that still pumps through the south, especially Birmingham. Ms. Davis, a native to Birmingham, Alabama candidly narrates the embodiment of racism and how Blacks are demonstrations of demolition. Birmingham, often referred to as Bombingham in the explicit context of Klansmen bombing neighborhoods, churches, and four little girls. Thus Davis’ nonfiction is unanimous for carrying the plight of African American people on her shoulders, bearing the weight of mass systematic oppression. A true sojourner of the Black Panther Party, a social group in pursuit of Black liberation and equality.

    Angela Davis, The Black Panther Party and Toni Morrison

    Angela Davis is not easy to stomach, her voice isn’t for the fainthearted. Davis is a rival of the racist power structure in America. As she denounces white supremacy, she shakes up the Black community, representing radical and voiceless Black women and men. In the late 60s, Angela becomes a member of the Black Panther Party and a member of an all Black branch of the American Communist Party, according to History.

    According to Women’s History, in 1970, she faced murder charges. In her absence, fellow activist Johnathan P. Jackson ensued a shoot out with a judge and two others outside a California courthouse. Consequently, authorities pinned Davis with kidnapping, murder and criminal conspiracy. Because Davis retreated, she landed on the radar of the FBI. Once the FBI succeeded in their pursuit of Davis, she serves more than a year in jail. Despite this, she was released after sparking a movement of protests on her behalf by famous musicians and the likes. Courts acquitted her on all charges in 1972.

    Undoubtedly, Davis’ bravery caught the attention of literary maven, Toni Morrison. Toni Morrison was an author, essayist, professor and editor. In those days, working for Random House in New York, Morrison would advocate for Black writers to be published. Toni edited Angela’s autobiography, minting it with dignity, legacy and longevity almost 50 years ago.

    Time flies when there is good trouble.


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